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Coming Soon to Calorie Factory

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We wanted to give you a preview of what we’re planning for content as we ramp up the Calorie Factory beta. Want to contribute an article? Got yourself a food-related story you want to tell? Drop us a line – we’d love to take a look – we’re actively seeking contributions!

My Father’s Latkes – In an unusual turn, my father taught me to cook when I was small, but I never learned to make his unbelievable potato latkes until he came to live with my family in his later life. 

Why Avgolemono Soup is the Perfect Food – I have yet to meet anybody who doesn’t like this simple, citrus-y soup. How we learned that Avogolemono was the perfect food.

Three Secrets to Competing in the World of Hot Peppers – Why the world of extreme heat is so competitive 

Getting it Right – Hot Peppers – How to sate your urge for foods others consider intolerably hot with special emphasis on ordering at Asian restaurants when you’d like about 100 Stars worth of heat while other eaters at the table are perhaps more moderate. Way more moderate.

Naga Jolokia – The Ghost is Loose – Reviews of the new Naga Viper chili and comparisons to the Naga Jolokia “Ghost Chili”. With specialty chilis getting as hot as commercial-grade pepper spray – how much is enough. For some, the limits have yet to be found, other people are saying that’s hot enough! Where are you in the spectrum?

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